Profile of SIPNEI (Italian Society of PNEI)

The Italian Society of PsychoNeuroEndocrineImmunology was founded in 2001, with the intent to promote a scientific and cultural approach to health and well-being, while respecting the complexity and biopsychosocial interdependence, the spread of knowledge and scientific evidence in PNEI, to contribute to the promotion of health and to diagnosis and treatment of diseases with a systemic and integrated approach.

SIPNEI has distinguished itself by choosing to attract experts in various professional fields: physicians of all specialties, psychologists, biologists, philosophers, physicists, sociologists, anthropologists, educators and heath workers from various branches.

The multi-disciplinary and interprofessional approach that distinguished SIPNEI since the beginning, has enabled us to play a unique role in the Italian scientific and cultural life in creating a network for sharing knowledge and overcome the limitations and the excess of specializations, while respecting the specific skills.

We should consider that, in the early 2000s, our mission appeared like a dream or, at least, a real challenge, but we have shown that our idea of spreading the PNEI paradigm, by diffusing scientific literature, good communication and great commitment was really worth the effort.

On a total of 20 Italian regions, currently SIPNEI is represented in 13 regional sections, which organize local conferences and support the national events.

With the aim of extending the PNEI paradigm and professional studies, SIPNEI promoted starting in 2013 University Master Courses for integrated care in various Italian Universities (L’Aquila, Turin) and basic clinical research experiments about meditation effects on stress responses measured through salivary cortisol and stress cytokine evaluations (PNEIMED method).