Who we are

The professionals who are members of SIPNEI are currently more than 300 people (december 2010 update):Iscritti SIPNEI 2010

Psychologists and psychotherapists (31%);
Medical Doctors (30%)  of many different specialties;
Biologists and Pharmacists (5%); including pharmacologists
Paramedics (9 %); nurses, physiatrists, osteopaths, technicians;
Other (25%), teachers, sociologists, engineers, social agents, counselors, graphologists, pedagogists, students.

The Directory Board of SIPNEI:

President of SIPNEI: Mauro BOLOGNA, MD, Professor of General Pathology, University of L’Aquila,
Department of Life, Health and Environmental Sciences, L’Aquila, Italy

Past President: David LAZZARI (Psychologist, Clinical Psychology unit, Hospital of Terni, Italy)

Honorary President: Francesco BOTTACCIOLI, DPhil, Psy.D., Professor of PNEI in post-graduate courses in several italian Universities (L’Aquila, Torino, Siena)

Vice President: Marina RISI, MD, Gynecologist, Integrated medicine expert, Rome.