SIPNEI (Italian Society of PNEI)

The discipline named Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology represents a scientific model of knowledge for the body functioning in its entirety, so as it happens in real life and in reciprocal relationship with the environment and the other live beings.

For long time Medicine studied individuals discussing exquisitely of systems, organs and tissues, obtaining a great mass of detail “mechanistic” informations, but missing the general view of the whole organism.

Scientific evidences from PNEI studies (every day enriched) point instead to the continuous communications existing among systems, organs and tissues and allow to reunite what during life is never separated: mind and body.

This is what makes us interested in PNEI: this innovative scientific view confirms that human beings are integrated and not fragmented; they are complex but not complicated; they are active part of their health status and not inevitably victims of fate or of absolute genetic heritages.

The study of PNEI, the encounter of vitamins acting as immunomodulators, of cytokines affecting mood, of foods that extinguish inflammation, of hormones that influence cognition capabilities, is definitely a fascinating and stimulating experience …

(Marina Risi in Pnei News n1/2007: “A fascinating science”)